Show April 29: Stop the Dems “Easy to Cheat, Hard to Catch” Ballot Initiative with Arizona Free Enterprise’s Darla Gonzalez

Brian Sussman talks with Darla Gonzalez, Grassroots Director, Arizona Free Enterprise Club, on the latest attempt by liberals activists to circumvent free and fair elections through a Ballot Initiative. If their proposal gets on the Ballot, it will destroy any hope for free and fair elections for decades.


It is imperative that all free people know what is in it, warn your friends and family against signing their petitions, and get wise to this devious plot to steal elections.

This “EASY TO CHEAT, HARD TO CATCH” Ballot Initiative must be stopped!

Creates Automatic, Same Day Voter Registration, removing the 29-day residency requirement allowing an individual to show up in Arizona on election day, register to vote at the polls, and cast a full ballot. Additionally, the initiative automatically registers an individual to vote when obtaining a driver license, and instructs the Secretary of State to work with, at minimum, AHCCCS and DES to automatically register individuals applying for welfare.

Makes it Easier for Illegals to Vote, nullifying Proposition 200 and HB2492 by codifying the “Federal Only Voter” practice for individuals who do not provide satisfactory evidence of citizenship, allowing them to vote for US House, US Senate, and Presidential candidates.

Expands Voting by Mail and Removes Critical Safeguards, nullifying last year’s SB1485 which cleans the Active Early Voter List and removes the election day deadline for receiving a mail in ballot, instead requiring counties to accept ballots postmarked by election day. Additionally, the initiative allows an individual to make a verbal, written, email, or online request for an early ballot while removing the requirement that the request include the voter’s date and place of birth to verify their identity.

Undermines the Ban on Private Funding of Elections, by using the Clean Elections Commission as a middleman to funnel ZuckBucks into our elections.

Invites Rampant Fraud into the Initiative and Referendum Process, removing the requirement for strict compliance to initiative laws, prohibiting signature challenges, and allowing petition sheets to contain signatures from multiple counties.

Hikes Corporate Taxes and Increases Taxpayer Funding of Politicians, charging organizations a $25 “anticorruption” surcharge for each designated lobbyist which is deposited into the Clean Elections Fund, increasing the corporate tax rate to fund politicians, and increasing the amount of taxpayer money a clean elections candidate can receive.

Eliminates Precinct Voting, allowing voters to vote in any county in the state.

Guts Voter ID, adding student and digital IDs to the list of acceptable identification for in-person voting and preempting ID requirements for mail in ballots.

Allows for Ballot Trafficking, permitting any individual to take and deliver another voter’s voted ballot

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Darla Gonzalez is the Grassroots Director for The Arizona Free Enterprise Club. Darla has worked in Grassroots for the last 25 years. This experience includes the political arena (both profit and non-profit) in Oregon and Arizona. Prior to working full-time in the Grassroots political arena, Darla worked as a Director of Administration for a large church in Phoenix. Darla is passionate about the U.S. Constitution and teaches people how they can participate in holding the government accountable, keeping Arizona Conservative and Free, removing barriers to their individual prosperity.

Darla, her husband and family moved to Chandler 16 years ago from Oregon. She holds a BA in Business Administration from Ottawa University. Darla is highly involved with community outreach with various ministries in the valley. She teaches U.S. Constitution and Genealogy, loves history, spending time with family and friends and authentic conversations.

To Join The Club and be a part of our Grassroots Network, email Darla at Grassroots@Azfree.Org

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