Sept 7: Steve Zipperman Leads the Way as a Constitutional Conservative for LD1 Senate

Brian Sussman talks with friend of the show, Steve Zipperman, about his run for Arizona State Senate in LD1 and current topics in Northern Arizona.

Steve is collecting signatures from LD1 residents for his petition to appear on the ballot. Go to the Voter Authentication website to sign it online. You can also sign up for Steve’s newsletters, view upcoming events, and donate at

Steve’s Priorities

  1. America & Arizona First: Return our Constitution to its proper place in our Republic.
  2. Law & Order: Return to the Rule of Law and enforce the laws that are on the books.
  3. Election Integrity: Restore Confidence and Work to preserve our sacred right to vote.
  4. Lower Taxes: Protect Arizonians Money and Increase management and oversight of government

About Steve Zipperman

Mr. Zipperman is an attorney who practiced law in California before relocating to the Prescott area.  He served as First Vice Chair of the County Republican Party from 2020 to 2021.  In 2022 he stood for election to the Arizona State Senate and came within 228 votes of winning the Republican primary.   In January, Mr. Zipperman was elected to represent Yavapai County as a Member at Large of the State Republican Party’s Executive Committee.  He is well schooled in constitutional law.  For the last several years he has taught the Hillsdale College Constitutional Law course in Yavapai County.  

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