Sept 2 Show: Scot Mussi, AZ Free Enterprise Club, talks about their big victory against corrupt ballot initiative

Brian Sussman talks with Scot Mussi, President of Arizona Free Enterprise Club about their HUGE win with the Arizona Supreme Court in the fight to keep the left’s corrupt ballot initiative off the ballot this November!!  Scot said” “The ruling today vindicates what we knew all along: the radical Free and Fair election initiative lacked enough lawful signatures to qualify for the ballot.”

AZ Free Enterprise Club led the fight to stop this corrupt ballot both with grassroots and in the courts.

Last Friday, the Arizona Supreme Court affirmed the lower court ruling and officially removed the “Free and Fair” election initiative from the ballot!  If the Ballot had succeeded, it would have made true free & fair elections in AZ very difficult to achieve. The deceitful name of the ballot cynically counted on uninformed voters to vote yes; who would want free and fair elections. The actual ballot would accomplish the opposite.

The ruling vindicated what we knew all along—their proposed initiative DID NOT have enough valid signatures to qualify for the ballot. The other side knew it too, and that is why their lawyers tried to get the court to adopt their rigged methodology to artificially inflate their final number of valid signatures.

Thankfully, after multiple appeals, the court discarded their rigged formula and the correct statutory calculation was used to show that they lacked the minimum number of signatures to qualify for the ballot. Arizona voters, the rule of law and basic math were VICTORIOUS.

Scot Mussi is President of The Arizona Free Enterprise Club, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting economic prosperity and a strong and vibrant Arizona economy. As President of the Free Enterprise Club, Scot has fought for several policy victories on behalf of taxpayers and families, including substantial income and property tax cuts, regulatory reform, the expansion of school choice and protecting our free speech rights. 

Prior to joining the Club in 2013, Scot worked for the Home Builders Association of Central Arizona and Founded Reliant Consulting, a political consulting firm based in Arizona.

Scot is an Arizona Native and graduated from Arizona State University in 2004. He currently lives in Gilbert, Arizona with his wife Kirsten and three children.

Arizona Free Enterprise Club mission:

Take A Principled, Aggressive Stand In Support Of Our Issues And Policies. Unlike Other Organizations In Arizona, The Free Enterprise Club Is Not Afraid To Stand Up To Powerful Politicians And Special Interest Groups That Want To Maintain The Status Quo.

Arizona needs to have a unified voice promoting economic freedom and prosperity, and the Free Enterprise Club is committed to making that happen. But we can’t do it alone. We need YOU!

Join AZ FREE Grassroots Action List to stay up to date on the latest battles against big government and how YOU can help influence crucial bills at the Arizona State Legislature.

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