Sept 16 Show: Dr. Laura Rubiales, producer of The Path Forward Retreat with Dr. Peter McCullough

Brian talks with Dr. Laura Rubiales, ND., owner and health practitioner, Sedona Holistic Medicine, about the unique event she has organized, called Path Forward Retreat. The retreat is for anyone who supports medical freedom, and especially if you are a doctor, nurse, or mental health therapist who worked on the front lines during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The retreat features Dr. Peter McCullough, Sr. Sherri Tenpenny, Dr. Ben Marble and other Frontline doctors who have risked everything to bring truth to the public.

The retreat will be held in Sedona from October 13 to 16 at the Creative Life Center.

The Path Forward Retreat and the VIP DInner with Dr. Peter McCullough are selling out fast. If you are like-minded person, the event is open to the public. To purchase tickets and learn more go to Discount tickets are available for medical students. Sponsors of the retreat include Children’s Health Defense Fund-Arizona Chapter,, and Strive Compounding Pharmacy.

Dr. Laura Rubiales is a naturopathic physician and licensed acupuncturist who opened Sedona Holistic Medicine (next to Whole Foods in West Sedona). 

After practicing in Portland, Oregon for over 20 years, she was drawn to the beauty of Sedona and the cultural influence of the Southwest.  Born to Cuban parents, she is fluent in Spanish and is happy to speak Spanish with patients. 

While in undergrad at the University of Florida, she was premed.  Frustrated with conventional medicine not helping her enough, she sought an exploration of different healing modalities.  This eventually led her to study naturopathic medicine and Chinese medicine in Oregon.  Her own healing journey involved having undiagnosed systemic Lupus for decades.  When a rheumatologist finally diagnosed her in her 40’s, he said, “I think studying natural medicine saved your life.”  Her own journey led her to see how easy it is to fall through the cracks of conventional medicine and the importance of being a provider who takes time with patients to properly diagnose and treat them. 

At this time, Dr. Rubiales offers a holistic approach to primary care, wellness retreats for renewal, thorough diagnostic workups and acupuncture. 

Listen to the live show on Friday Sept 16 at 8:15AM MT – 9AM MT on KAZM 780 AM radio. The podcast of the show will be posted later that day and found at

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