Sept 1 Show: Cottonwood Drag Show Controversy Leads to Mayor Recall Effort

Brian Sussman talks with Michael Nisito, spokesperson for Concerned Citizens of Verde Valley, about the disturbing politics being played out in Cottonwood.

Once Miss Nature LLC/Arizona Pride Drag Queen announced its public event in Cottonwood, concerned citizens began to object to allowing kids of any age to attend.

A proposal to place an item on the agenda was submitted by the two required City Council members placing an age limit restriction on children attending drag show/adult entertainment events. Local citizens organized by Michael Nisito and others under the name “Concerned Citizens of Verde Valley” and along with City Councilwoman Lisa Duvernay, Councilmen Steve DeWillis, later joined by Councilman Derek Palosaari have worked hard to get this item on the agenda.

Citizens asked for fair and transparent consideration by the Cottonwood City Council to discuss, create a resolution, open it for public input and ultimately vote on that resolution. A record number of local citizens turned out for several Cottonwood City Council meetings with the overwhelming majority expressing their feelings of opposition to the planned drag show event and the targeting of local children.

Mayor Elinski continues to not allow the item being placed ton he agenda for discussion until the actual drag show/adult entertainment event occurred on April 8th 2023. This was deliberate attempt to keep citizens from voicing their opinions and a legitimate vote taking place.

Unfortunately, on Aug 8, 2023, the Cottonwood City Council voted 4 to 3 against a new proposal to draft an ordinance, thus allowing underage children to attend drag shows. Miss Nature LLC has already announced more drag shows for 2025.

During the Aug 8 open public meeting, the Cottonwood Mayor shut down any public comments and did not allow any dissenting opinions or comments from the the overflowed room. The citizens saw first-hand how heavy-handed, unlawful, and unreasonable the Mayor could be to ignore the will of the people who elected him. As a result of the deceitful governing practices by Mayor Tim Elinski, a petition has been started to recall the Mayor. Only 641 registered Cottonwood voters are needed to sign the petition to recall him from office.

About Michael Nisito

Michael Nisito is a community leader and activist whose mission is to seek and uphold the truth and to protect our Children, Constitution and our Liberties. In 2021, Mr. Nisito led a successful campaign to make Cottonwood a Bill of Rights Sanctuary City.

Mr. Nisito is retired and most recently worked as Public Works Superintendent. After 32 years in city and municipal services he moved to the Verde Valley. Michael Nisito also served in the Navy Sixth Fleet as a OPS Communications Specialist.

For more information about the Mayor Elinski Recall Effort please visit Concerned Citizens of Verde Valley Facebook Page and DM (direct message) Micheal Nisito on Facebook.


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