Our Endorsements for 2022 Arizona Primary Election

Voting is a privilege to select who will representative the PEOPLE in all levels of government.

Straight Talk Sedona has interviewed most of these candidates. I strongly encourage you to listen to each podcast linked below to learn more about why we support them. Straight Talk Sedona supports an America First agenda and protection of our Freedom, Elections, Faith and Family. We believe these candidates will fight for America and her People.

Dwight Kadar, our Arizona political insider, will join us this week to give us the latest polling and key races competitive assessments. Don’t miss it to stay up-to-date. Listen live on Friday July 15 at 8:15am to 9am on KAZM 780AM

2022 Arizona Primary Election Endorsements
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U.S. Senate           Blake Masters* 

U. S. CD 2             Walt Blackman

AZ Governor          Kari Lake*

AZ Attorney General   Tiffany Shedd

AZ Sec. of State    Mark Finchem*

AZ Treasurer         Jeff Weninger

AZ Superintendent of Public Instruction   Shiry Sapir

AZ CC (2 seats)        Nick Myers, Kevin Thompson

AZ Mine Inspector    Paul Marsh

AZ Senate LD1        Steve Zipperman **

AZ House LD1 Judy Burges **, Selina Bliss

Sedona City Mayor Samaire Armstrong

Sedona City Councilor Jennifer Strait

Brian Sussman & Cara Mia

* Endorsed by President Trump

** Endorsed by Arizona Free Enterprise Club

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