OCT 29 SHOW: With guest Austin Smith, Turning Point Action

Brian’s guest this week is Austin Smith, Enterprise Director of Turning Point Action. Austin and Brian will be discussing how GenZ will save America from socialism and how you can get involved.

Austin Smith is the Enterprise Director of Turning Point Action, the sister organization to Turning Point USA and he is the Chair of the Arizona Young Republicans and former Chairman of the Maricopa County Young Republicans, for the 4th largest county in America.

Austin has been involved in local, state and national conservative politics since 2014 and ran Students for Trump in 2019 and 2020 working to re-elect Donald Trump and Republicans down ballot across the country. At 23 years old, he successfully managed his first state senate campaign in one of Arizona’s largest legislative districts and has become one of the most trusted voices for conservatives and candidates in the state of Arizona

Austin grew up hunting and fishing, and firearms have been a part of his life since he was born. He believes the second amendment is still the most consequential right we have to fight for every day.

Austin will also be a speaker at the Good News Rally on November 4 at Posse Grounds Pavilion in Sedona.

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