Oct 13 Show: Kari Lake Discusses her US Senate Run, Israel, Speaker Race, and Border

Brian Sussman talks with Kari Lake about the important topics of the day, including her big announcement this week, that she is running for US Senate!

Kari Lake is loved by Conservatives throughout Arizona and the U.S for her courage, truth, and wisdom. She embodies the spirit of America First!

Listen to the show on Friday Oct 13 at 8:15am-9Am on KAZM 780AM radio.


The daughter of a teacher and a nurse, Kari Lake grew up in Iowa alongside her eight siblings where she learned the value of a hard day’s work. Fascinated with people’s stories, Kari pursued a career in the news industry where she would become a symbol of truth in journalism when she rejected the agenda-driven press and walked away from the mainstream media after a highly successful 27 years.

In 2022, Kari ran for Governor of Arizona with the endorsement of President Donald J. Trump on a platform of putting Arizona First. Kari believes in secure borders, energy independence, safe streets, education not indoctrination, pushing back against the radical Biden agenda, and preserving the western heritage that makes Arizona special. Kari Lake is a voice for the silent majority and fights back against the relentless assault on our freedoms by the radical left. She believes Arizona can and should be the standard bearer for America First policies nationwide.

Visit KariLake.com for more information