Nov 3 Show: Michele Hamer, AZ School Board Watchdogs Co-Founder & Chairman

Brian Sussman talks with Michele Hamer, Co-Founder and Chairman of the AZ School Board Watchdogs.

Arizona School Board Watchdogs (AZSBW) was formed to ensure that administrative and school board decisions on curriculum, personnel, fiscal, and other issues are fully informed, completely transparent, ethical and solely in the best interests of Arizona students in helping them obtain a world-class education.

AZSBW exists to ensure that parents and taxpayers may band together, share information, become informed, speak truth to power, and engage in concerted action. Most importantly, they seek to ensure the transparent slating and election of School Board Members who are competent, reasonable, and courageous critical thinkers who embrace the AZSBW mission. 

ASBW is offering an introductory class to those interested in running for School Board on November 3, 1pm-3pm in Prescott. Email for more information or visit their website:

About Michelle Hamer

Michele Hamer retired from a career in business management and has been a small business owner since returning to Prescott 16 years ago after living abroad. She also volunteered at the Prescott Unified School District (PUSD) for four years before they shut down the schools, which she felt was a bad decision. And after watching the schools open back up using the draconian measures outlined by the CDC, she became co-founder and chairman of the Arizona School Board Watchdogs. She and 26 other concerned citizens worked to educate parents and guardians on their rights under Arizona law. Many brave parents came forward to regain these rights, only to find a long and intimidating process. This is what made her decide to run for a seat on PUSD’s governing board. Good leadership and a different vision are needed now more than ever, and she has the skills, the time and the passion to donate to this cause. She will put control back into parents’ hands, demand transparency, and encourage data-driven decision making through action plans that set measurable.