Brian’s guest this week is Brandy Faith Welld , Author of the #1 International Bestselling Book, Heal Your Heart ~ Free Your Mind and the creator of Jump To A Better Life Experience. She is also the Founder of the Sedona Freedom Movement, whose mission is to support the freedom and Unalienable Rights of Sedona and the whole World! You can join the group on Facebook.

Brandy’s new venture is creating a new Chapter of Yavapai County Preparedness Team for Sedona and the Village of Oak Creek.


Sedona Area Residents, organized by Brandy are partnering with the Yavapai County Preparedness Team (largest preparedness team of its kind) to form a satellite group in the Red Rocks. The group will be trained, train others and assist anyone wanting to be better prepared for any emergency.The working groups are:

Communications: We are communications people, learning how to make sure we can be in touch if internet and phones go down. Communications: The MOST important aspect of working together is being able to communicate. Ask for help, offer help, exchange goods, identify dangers and warn of areas to avoid.

Preparedness: Food, water, heat, cooling, cooking, maintaining food, etc. Have you thought of everything? These team people have, and they can help you be ready before you get into that tough spot.

Medical: If we train in some basic first aid, and some advanced topics, we may be able to care for our neighbor (or they care for you) and stabilize their condition until a qualified medical professional is available. 

Home Medicine: We are home medicine people, creating tinctures and treatments for a time when we may not have access to commercial medicines.

Stress Intervention: build a base of skills to support and educate the community on being emotionally, mentally, physically and socio/politically prepared and resilient.

Security: how to form up a neighborhood watch to protect yourselves and each other. Security is everyone’s responsibility, and our infantry and police veterans will teach you how.

Intel: The ability to acquire information and be able to confirm it’s credibility and accuracy, so that proper actions can be planned, when necessary.

Engineering: In any emergency, you need shelter, clean water, alternative power, transportation and delivery of supplies, and the ability to deal with fire dangers and hazardous materials, etc.
If you are interested in getting involved as a member or group leader, please contact Brandy Welld at Let her know which group you would like to be a part of for the Sedona Group.

Brandy’s background also includes personal development for over 26 years and uniquely bridges Science, Quantum Physics with Ancient Wisdom. Her true awareness and transformation came after she fell off a cliff and had a Near Death Experience. She returned back from the ‘other side’ with both a Mission and a Blueprint to stop the human suffering that gets passed down and spread around from generation to generation and to liberate man from the blocks and patterns that once limited them!

You can find her work at

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