Nov 17 Show: How to Protect Yourself from Consumer Scams with Security Expert Brian Watson

Brian Sussman talks this week with Security Expert Brian Watson on how to protect against consumer scams and online fraud.

Brian works for R.O.S.E., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose mission is to prevent the financial exploitation and defrauding of older adults through advocacy and education. Visit for more information. ROSE is a member of the Alliance of AZ NonProfits.

Consumer scams happen on the phone, through the mail, e-mail, or over the internet. Criminals and con artists use many schemes and techniques (known as scams) to target unsuspecting people to get access to their money and personal identifiable information.

Brian Watson will share:
1) What age group has the lowest percentage of reporting being a victim?
2) Three common scams in AZ (Tech support, grandparent scam, and crypto romance scam.
3) What do nearly all scams seem to have in common?

About Brian Watson
Brian Watson spent 28 years in Federal Law Enforcement investigating financial crimes as a Special Agent with IRS Criminal Investigation. He spent much of that time as a Public Information Officer warning the public about financial related scams. He retired this summer and is now a Community Outreach Specialist for the non-profit R.O.S.E. Resources/Outreach to Safeguard the Elderly. Brian and his family have lived in Arizona almost 20 years. He enjoys hiking, backpacking, and exploring the State of Arizona.

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