NOV 11 Show: Dwight Kadar Gives an Update on the AZ Election Hot Mess in Arizona…Still COUNTING Votes but Hope is Alive

Dwight Kadar

Brad Sussman talks with Dwight Kadar, our Arizona State political guru on the status of the General Elections. It’s 4 days AFTER Election Day and the votes are still being counted. It is a hot mess.

Arizona State Elections under Katie Hobbs is a disaster and is an embarrassment to the country. Over 400K votes are yet to be counted in Maricopa County. Yavapai and Coconino have not yet counted all their same-day ballots. Trust in our election integrity is gone.

Dwight will give us the latest update on where things stand. We also have some good news to report such as Eli Crane beat Tom O’Halleran!

About Dwight Kadar

Dwight Kadar is founder of numerous community organizations, and a hardworking political activist. Dwight was co-awarded Republican Party of Arizona’s “Champions of the GOP” in 2020 for his ongoing efforts supporting President Trump and Legislative District Six candidates.

Dwight has been a Precinct Committeemen in Yavapai County’s Scarlett Precinct (Sedona) since 2013; was elected State Delegate in 2016 and 2020; and was elected Congressional District One Member-at-Large and Executive Committee member in 2021. He is the Chairman of the newly formed Republican Party of Arizona’s Candidate Committee which will assist people interested in running for elected office in 2022.

Dwight is the Chairman of the Guardian Defense Fund, a 501(c) 4 that is undertaking litigation to fight back against the weaponization of the “free press” and political process by holding Arizona Democrat Legislators, news media, and social media accountable for advancing  malicious, defamatory, and fallacious allegations that Representative Mark Finchem, Electoral College Elector Anthony Kern, Congressman Paul Gosar, and others engaged in criminal activities on January 6, 2020 at the United States Capitol.

Dwight co-established with his wife Andrea Kadar, Citizens for America, a Verde Valley political activist and voter education effort in 2012 that is still going strong today. Their monthly meetings are always sold-out.

Dwight was elected National Delegate representing Arizona’s First Congressional District in 2016 and National Delegate-at-Large in 2020 to the Republican National Conventions in Cleveland and Charlotte, respectively.

Dwight co-established Arizona Liberty, a Sedona activist group, to stop the proposed designation of 160,000 acres surrounding Sedona as a “National Monument” in 2015 and was co-awarded the Americans for Prosperity (Arizona) “Activists of the Year” for his efforts.

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