May 20 Show: Matteo Zacchino’s Italian Foodie Vision Comes to Life in Sedona!

Brian Sussman’s guest this week is Matteo Zacchino, a visionary, entrepreneur and foodie magician. Matteo’s home of Italy shares much in common with Sedona; the cactus & prickly pears of Sicily, beautiful landscapes and a lusty love of life. Matteo’s Vespa Healthy Italian Cafe in West Sedona is a fusion of the best from both worlds.

Great food is a blessing and great Italian food is heaven.

Matteo will discuss his vision, dream and how he brought it to life. Don’t ask him about his unique flour recipe for his Roman Flatbread. His answer is a master’s class in wheat strains and dough making. Vespa only uses the best quality ingredients, organic, and specially sourced, including the Italian coffee beans for espresso and high-end Matcha for a dazzling Matcha Affagado. When food is properly expressed from a Sicilian artist, with the determination to make you feel happy after a meal, you will know that Food is the Language of Love.

Matteo has been in the service industry since childhood, thanks to his father’s legacy. Together they successfully opened, operated, and managed several restaurants in the Phoenix area since 1997. Both are still open and thriving; both establishments are under Tutti Santi Ristorante’s family brand ( Vinny himself has 40+ years of culinary experience. His cheerful personality puts everyone at ease in just a moment, especially once he starts singing and cooking. The relationship between the three began back in Wilmington, NC, in 2012, when Matteo worked as the district manager for one of the US’s most prominent food distribution companies. During that time, they became best friends.

Inevitably, they worked closely while developing a few pizzerias and restaurant concepts in the area called: Uncle Vinny’s Pizzeria ( and Vic’s Italian Restaurant ( Their work ethic and life philosophy vibed seamlessly, and the similarities in their upbringing were too obvious to go unnoticed. The two maintain a level of respect, friendship, and motivation while growing as individuals, expanding their businesses, and strengthening family ties. The exciting parallels go back a few generations: their fathers and grandfathers were professional Neapolitan folk singers. Both were raised in kitchens by their grandmothers and family, steeped in Italian cultural traditions & romantic appeal. Their matching date of birth, creativity, sense of humor, passion for soccer, and food is just another layer of the dynamism the duo can bring to the table (Pun Intended).

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