March 25 Show: Andrea Kadar on the Impact of High-Potency, Legalized, Recreational Marijuana

Brian Sussman’s guest this week is Andrea Kadar on the reality of making high-potency, recreational marijuana legal in Arizona.

Marijuana Legalization was a voter initiative that passed on the Nov 3, 2020 Arizona general election ballot allowing the legalization, taxation, and recreational use of cannabis for adults 21 and over. 

Andrea explains the four key take-aways for parents, grandparents, and responsible citizens as we deal with the passage of Prop. 207 in Arizona.

Andrea Kadar is the Ambassador of Hope for Shared Hope International, an anti-sex trafficking advocacy group.  A Christian and Conservative grassroots activist, Andrea works tirelessly on behalf of the vulnerable.

There are many other ways Andrea & Dwight Kadar are working to save our Country, our State and our Families.

Andrea was part of a leadership team that created Citizens for America (“C4A”), a Verde Valley political activism and educational organization.  C4A calls northern AZ voters to monthly meetings in order to educate them and call them to political involvement. Andrea has been the Program Chair and Host since 2011. Follow C4A on

She is also the founder of “Two-Fer Tuesday”, a ministry that supports small businesses, 501c 3’s, law enforcement and indigenous peoples in Northern Arizona.

Andrea and her husband, Dwight Kadar, were awarded the 2015 AZ Americans for Prosperity “Activists of the Year” Award -and- both were awarded the 2020 Republican Party of AZ “Champions of the GOP” Award. 

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