March 24 Show: “Pray for our Kids” event at Sedona City Hall on April 8 with Andrea Kadar

Andrea Kadar

Brian Sussman talks with children’s advocate and prayer warrior Andrea Kadar about an important upcoming event for our children.


This is a brand new event on April 8th, 11 AM at Sedona City Hall’s Courtyard: “PRAY FOR OUR KIDS”.  

Everyone one is invited to join us as an entire generation of our kids and grandkids are at great risk: WOKE politics, spiraling national deficits, new governmental control and denial of God, loss of freedoms, social media dangers like bullying, drug use, sex trafficking, and suicidal ideation, just to name a few. 

OUR KIDS DESPERATELY NEED PRAYER. Join us to pray for them because “where two or three gather in My name, there am I with them.” -Matthew 18:20. Everyone is invited and ALL prayer is good.

About Andrea Kadar

Andrea Kadar is the Ambassador of Hope for Shared Hope International, an anti-sex trafficking advocacy group.  A Christian and Conservative grassroots activist, Andrea works tirelessly on behalf of the vulnerable. Andrea and her husband, Dwight Kadar, were awarded the 2015 AZ Americans for Prosperity “Activists of the Year” Award -and- both were awarded the 2020 Republican Party of AZ “Champions of the GOP” Award. 

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