March 2, 2024: Home Fire Prevention – Safety Basics and Tips with Scott Jech

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This week, Brian Sussman talks with Scott Jeck, Manager, Fire Safety Essentials about the myths and misconceptions about home fires, and the best tips to prepare you and family for any emergency.

Scott encourages home owners to think about what really happens during a home fire. Most people don’t think about fire emergencies until its too late. They assume they have plenty of time to react, and save family members. They underestimate how rapidly smoke and fire can accelerate and hinder rescues. Scott Jech explains the facts and studies that show the best practices for surviving a home fire.


FSE is a commercial and residential fire safety education service and provider of fire prevention equipment located in Prescott AZ. Contact Scott Jech, Manager at 928-550-4949 for a consultation.

Scott Jech grew up in Montana on a 6000 acre ranch and is a two-time childhood burn victim. That led Scott to become a fire safety expert, teaching classes on Fire Safety for the past 23 years. Over 80+ people who have credited having their lives saved to his education.

Scott lives in Prescott, AZ and has been married for 33 years. He is a father of two with two grandchildren