March 16 2024: Randy Miller Discusses the Role and Function of Government in Our Constitution

Listen to Straight Talk Sedona on Saturday March 16 at 7AM-8AM on KAZM Mellow Mountain Radio at / 780am.

Brian Sussman talks with Randy Miller, friend of the show, about the importance of fighting for our Republic, Freedoms, and Rule of Law! Randy discusses the role and function of government as defined in the Constitution.

About Randy Miller, Founder and Director, Your American Sheriffs
Randy is a retired Senior Deputy Probation Officer from Santa Barbara County, California. His experience includes being a gang officer, conducting court investigations, and supervising an intensive supervision caseload for both juvenile and adults. He has been a court hearing officer and supervised a sex offender caseload. As a private contractor he taught other agencies in arrest and control, unarmed defense, and use of force law. This experience gave Randy an understanding of what the function of government is supposed to be, but witnessing the contrast of how government operates.

As former State Director of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association for Arizona, Mr. Miller has focused on community education on our constitutions, working with State Legislators on issues involving citizen rights, following the constitutions, due process rights, and support and proper funding for the law enforcement community.  Now, as Founder of Your American Sheriff, Randy continues to discuss and teach our constitutions and the proper role of government with legislators, and Sheriffs in Arizona and around the country, He has been a candidate for the State House of Representatives and State Senate for Arizona.