SHOW: Sept 10 – Meet Pentagon Survivor Lt. Col. Ryan Yantis (Ret.)


In a special tribute to 9/11, Brian’s first guest will be retired US Army Lt. Col. Ryan Yantis, a decorated survivor of the attack on our country.

In 2001, Yantis was a major and Public Affairs Officer on duty at the Pentagon when American Airlines Flight 77 slammed into the southwest side of the building. Hear his story of heroism to save others and how it impacts current events. He, along with other survivors have just published a book about that unforgettable day.

9/11 Survivors’ Stories, Available Now

This book is a collection of individual stories that recall that horrific day, with a Foreword by Gary Sinise, actor and veteran advocate.

Four of the contributors were in the World Trade Center Twin Towers when the planes hit. Two more who share their stories were right outside of the Towers, witnessing the carnage as it unfolded.

Two of the contributors, including Yantis, were in the Pentagon that day and the days, weeks, and months immediately following, reentering the building the very next day when it was still on fire. The last two who share their stories directly supported these survivors in the Midwest.

The book can be purchased on Amazon. All Proceeds from the book go to American Pride Inc. American Pride is a non-partisan, non-profit corporation offering high-quality, timely and professional art presentations, speeches and learning events to engage students, the general public and organizations with first-person stories of overcoming challenges relating to the Terrorist Attacks of 9/11/2001.

Tune in 8:15AM on Friday Sept 10, 2021 on KAZM 780 AM to welcome Brian Sussman to Northern Arizona and the KAZM family, and to hear Lt. Col. Ryan Yantis.

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