June 25 Show: Shiry Sapir, Candidate for AZ Superintendent of Public Instruction

Brian Sussman talks with Shiry Sapir, running for AZ Superintendent of Public Instruction, one of the most important jobs related to our children’s future.

Shiry’s platform is based on Putting Kid’s First and Education Not Indoctrination

Shiry served in the Israeli military assisting bereaved families with logistical, financial and emotional needs. Her unit was the one negotiating bringing back home the remains of missing soldiers.

Working with families at the lowest point of their lives is an experience she will bring to the department to implement policies supporting families because to her, Arizona families have reached the lowest point and she wants to be there to support them.

Shiry Sapir is a successful Real Estate Broker, Property Manager, a General Contractor and an Interior Designer. As a mother of three young children who is a self-employed entrepreneur, she has experienced many of the issues working parents experience when it comes to balancing work, being the best mother and wife she can be with the unavoidable constant worry and anxiety about the wellness of her children.Shiry empathizes with all Arizona parents who have struggled to make their voices heard. No teacher or school administrator can ever match the love that a parent has for their children especially when it comes to their education and success in life.

As a loving mother of 3 children who put her kids in private school when her local public school refused to open during COVID-19, Shiry is working hard to ensure families receive the support they deserve to productively balance the most important job we have as parents with the everyday issues we face as Americans.

You can learn about Shiry Sapir at her website SHIRYSAPIR.COM

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