Replay Show: The Global Reset is Real. Wake Up, Stand Up Now, or Lose our Country.

Brian Sussman discusses the most important topic of our lifetime: Stopping the globalist from taking over America for their evil agenda. It has been called a conspiracy theory and mocked by leftists. Citizens are waking up to this orchestrated agenda and we must stop it.

Just read the press release from the World Economic Forum 2021 Forum to understand how real their agenda is. The left calls it a conspiracy theory. The left narrative is a massive lie and coverup.

Brian discusses why this “Global Reset” is true, happening now at a rapid pace, and it’s time for Patriots to wake up and stop it. If not, we will lose America, our sovereignty, and our freedoms.

It’s a war on humanity led by the global elites to take over your life—unless you are NOT compliant to their wishes.

Brian has been speaking and writing about this for years. He is passionate about pointing out the facts and using his voice to get out the truth. Mask insanity, social distancing lunacy, lockdowns and curfews. Yes, COVID-19 can become a terribly nasty version of the flu for some, but in Brian’s March 2022 podcast you will discover that the China virus was heralded by the global elites’s as an excellent opportunity to get Donald Trump out of the White House in order to begin what they refer to as “The Great Reset.”

Don’t this important show on KAZM 780 AM Friday July 8 at 8:15am – 9AM. The podcast will be posted after the show.

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