July 29 Show: Tiffany Shedd talks about Voter Fraud Already Discovered in Aug 2 Election, And a Tip Line to Report Fraud

Brian Sussman interviews Tiffany Shedd, Republican Candidate for Arizona Attorney General about how she discovered Election fraud in Pinal County and what she is doing to protect fair elections in 2022.

Election officials sent out over 65,000 incorrect ballots. It is incompetence and voter disenfranchisement at its worst. I will always fight for fair, legal, and competent elections.

Tiffany Shedd has our endorsement as the best and most qualified candidate for AG.

Tiffany’s Tip Line: Report an Election Issue
If you’re an Arizona voter, drop us a tip and we’ll amplify your voice! Together, we’re going to hold the Secretary of State and election officials accountable.


Incorrect Ballots Sent To Pinal County Voters Weeks After Officials Ignored AG Candidate’s Concerns

Over 60,000 incorrect ballots sent to Pinal County voters

‘Terrible time to make that mistake’: Pinal County ditches plan to fix massive ballot mixup. Here’s what comes next.

Arizona county scrambles after sending thousands of erroneous ballots

BTiffany Shedd is a small business owner and attorney who has gone toe to toe with the government, fighting regulations and policies that would destroy Arizona jobs.

Tiffany grew up in Pinal County and worked her way through college and law school at the University of Arizona. She’s worked as a natural resource and business attorney, bilingual kindergarten teacher, farmer, and owns several small businesses, in addition to being a homeschool mom and an NRA and 4-H certified youth shotgun and pistol coach. 

Living between three major smuggling routes in Pinal County, Tiffany has experienced first-hand the consequences of the failure to secure our border and relies on the 2nd Amendment to protect herself and her family. 

Tiffany’s personal experiences with the consequences of an unsecured border, and as an attorney, business owner, and mother are why she is firmly committed to conservative principles and dedicated to making sure Arizona stays great for future generations.

Tiffany and her husband Rodney, a member of the Muscogee Creek Nation, are the fourth generation to farm their land in Pinal County and are proud parents of three children. 

For more information about Tiffany please visit SheddforAZ.com

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