July 28 Show: Why the climate emergency narrative is “a dangerous corruption of science”.

Brian Sussman continues his explanation on why the Climate Change agenda is political in nature to control societies and not really a science-driven objective emergency.

Dr. John F. Clauser is just one more qualified scientist who calls out the left for using the climate as a political tool.

Read Brian’s blog ” Climate Change Agenda is “shock-journalistic pseudoscience,” says Nobel Physicist” and listen to Straight Talk Sedona on KAZM 780AM radio this Friday at 8:15AM-9AM.

Brian Sussman, an award-winning meteorologist and international best seller expert on Climate Change himself, discusses the recent slew of headlines in MSM and national news that would have you believe global warming is accelerating.

This is the place to learn the truth from science and bypass the propoganda.


Brian’s expertise and scientific knowledge about meteorology led him to write two books on the politicalization of climate change. His first book, bestseller Climategate: A Veteran Meteorologist Exposes the Global Warming Scam, was published on Earth Day, April 22, 2010.  He argues that climate change is independent of human activities, contrary to the scientific consensus.

His second book Eco-Tyranny: How the Left’s Green Agenda will Dismantle Americawas published by WND Books in 2012. He presents a case that America has more abundant energy resources underground than Saudia Arabia but is not allowed to access it. Both are available for purchase on Amazon.

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