JULY 1 SHOW: Jennifer Strait, Candidate for Sedona City Council & History Lesson on our Founders

In honor of the 4th of July, Brian Sussman discusses the sacrifices made by our Founding Fathers and Signers of the Constitution. It’s an inspiring lesson for today’s times.

Brian also talks with Jennifer Strait, who is currently running for Sedona City Council. The Aug 2 Primary is a non-Partisan Election.

Jennifer Strait’s Platform

  • Solve Traffic
  • Solve Affordable Housing
  • Balance Chamber of Commerce funds to residents
  • Participatory voting for all 9,000+ residents

As a researcher in Transformative Economics, her passion is to help transform the social integrity of the community, re-honor the sacred land, as well as tackle the economic problems plaguing the community’s systems design.  

Jennifer holds a BS from DePaul University; MA, University of Chicago; Private Pilot’s Licensure, JF Aviation; and is currently earning a doctorate in Transformative Economics from California Institute of Integral Studies. Her career background focused as a professional writer and reporter for the Indiana newspaper. 

Learn more about Jennifer Strait at her website JENNIFERFORSEDONA.com

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