JAN 7 2022 SHOW: Darla Gonzalez, Grassroots Director, Arizona Free Enterprise Club on Grassroots Success

Darla Gonzalez

Brian Sussman starts 2022 with Good News. Brian talks with Darla Gonzalez, Grassroots Director for The Arizona Free Enterprise Club, on some of the recent successes that were achieved by People speaking up. The People of Arizona continue to let their voice be heard on the matters that affect their freedoms and quality of life. Darla will explain the ways you can Speak Up, so we can continue to keep AZ prosperous, employed and FREE!

The Arizona Free Enterprise Club, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting economic prosperity and a strong and vibrant Arizona economy. The Free Enterprise Club Is Not Afraid To Stand Up To Powerful Politicians And Special Interest Groups That Want To Maintain The Status Quo.

In 2021, under Darla’s leadership, the grassroots membership has grown from 200 members across the state to nearly 9000 active members, a 4300% INCREASE. When Darla sends out a request to let our legislators hear our voices about any specific issue such as election integrity, mandates, tax increases, she knows that thousands of Arizona residents will respond. Darla also coordinates the Request To Speak (RTS) Program. This is a legislative system that allows the public to comment on proposed legislation, a very important tool for AZ legislators. Click here to join to let your voice be heard!

Darla has worked in Grassroots for the last 25 years. This experience includes the political arena (both profit and non-profit) in Oregon and Arizona. Prior to working full-time in the Grassroots political arena, Darla worked as a Director of Administration for a large church in Phoenix. Darla is passionate about the U.S. Constitution and teaches people how they can participate in holding the government accountable, keeping Arizona Conservative and Free, removing barriers to their individual prosperity.

Darla, her husband and family moved to Chandler 16 years ago from Oregon. She holds a BA in Business Administration from Ottawa University. Darla is highly involved with community outreach with various ministries in the valley. She teaches U.S. Constitution and Genealogy, loves history, spending time with family and friends and authentic conversations.

To Join The Club and be a part of our Grassroots Network, email Darla at Grassroots@Azfree.Org



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