Jan 27, 2024 Show: Political Insights with George Khalaf, Data Orbital

Tune in Saturday Jan 27 at 7AM-8AM on KAZM Mellow Mountain 106.5 fm/780 am to catch our latest show!

Brian Sussman talks with one of the most sought after political strategist and pollster, George Khalaf. George has over a decade of experience in research which has led to him and his company, Data Orbital being listed as one of the most accurate pollsters in the country. He is also Managing Partner of The Resolute Group, a major conservative influencer in AZ politics and policies.

George will discuss the latest in Arizona polling for local and state races, as well as commentary on 2024 Presidential and national elections. He will also cover National polls after Trump’s overwhelming win in Iowa and New Hampshire!

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With a strong grassroots and data background, George has worked at the local, state, and national levels. Under George’s leadership, Data Orbital is a top-ranked survey research and data visualization firm that is known for its accuracy and transparency. As managing partner of The Resolute Group, he led the effort to keep the Arizona legislature conservative, playing in the most contentious districts and races across the state. In this same capacity, he continues to push conservative policies, not only around the state of Arizona, but also across the United States.

George also serves as a partner at First Day Public Relations. With an extensive background in public policy and public relations, George leverages his skills to help companies of various types in education create a strong, cohesive message and market themselves with powerful branding.

Along with that, George helps in other states as interest groups make a push for Empowerment Scholarship Account legislation. First Day works with those groups to get legislation passed by utilizing impactful messaging and grassroots advocacy.

George graduated from Arizona State University with a bachelor’s in political science. Born in Beirut, Lebanon, George currently lives in Phoenix, AZ. When he is not tracking local and national political developments and advising clients, George enjoys spending time with his wife, Briana, his two boys, Milan and Liam, and traveling with his family.