Jan 6 2024 Show: Local Author, Carol Gandolfo, Releases New Fiction Thriller: Random Access Murder

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Brian Sussman talks with Sedona author, Dr. Carol Gandolfo, about her just released fiction book, Random Access Murder.

As a licensed psychologist, Dr. Gandolfo uses her real-life experience interviewing serial killers and attending training with the original FBI profilers to create exciting stories. In this book, a team of specialists create an android that would replace juries with the ability to determine innocence or guilt, and then pass judgement!

You can purchase the book at Amazon, Barn & Nobles or Readers Magnet Bookstore.

About Dr. Carol Gandolfo

Dr. Carol L. Gandolfo is a Psychologist and Marriage Family Therapist licensed in both California and Arizona. She has over twenty years’ experience working with developmental disabilities, major mental illnesses, domestic violence victims, family therapy, etc.

She is the current owner of CLG Behavior Consultants, LLC. She has forensic experience in the areas of assessment, competency training and expert witness for individuals with developmental disabilities and attendee at the Academy Group Violent Criminal Behavior and Criminal Profiling. She is a Board Certified Founding Fellow of the College of Advanced Prescribing Psychologist, certified in mediation training with the Arizona Attorney General, Certified Trauma Therapist.

She is the Co-creator of the Sex Trafficking and Interdiction for the Protection of Children Manual currently being distributed throughout Arizona for use by law enforcement personnel. She is a volunteer with the Sedona Police Department. She has been a member of the Coalition Against Human Trafficking – Northern Arizona for almost six years, and now is an Ambassador of Hope with Shared Hope International. Follow Dr. Carol Gandolfo on Facebook.