JAN 28, 2022 SHOW: Barbara Quayle on the positive impact from 100 Women Who Care Sedona-Verde Valley Chapter

Brian Sussman has the pleasure to interview Barbara Quayle, Co-Founder of 100 Women Who Care Sedona-Verde Valley Chapter, a unique and successful organization of women working together for the benefit of the worthy non-profits in the Sedona and Verde Valley area. 

The concept is that 100% of collected donations go directly to a local non-profit charity. If 100 women gave $100 each, the total would go to one non-profit making it a very impactful donation. No expenses or fees!

Over 140 Members nominate Sedona-Verde Valley verified non-profits, three finalists are randomly selected, the members vote for their choice, and the final chosen recipient is announced. Through the volunteer time and efforts of a small Steering Committee who run 100 Women Who Care – Sedona & Verde Valley, they have donated over $44,000!

Barbara is also author of her memoir: Chasing My Dreams from traumatic burns to triumphant survival.

Barbara’s dream job was being a teacher, impacting the lives of junior high kids so they could soar in life. Her dream became jeopardized after a fiery car crash left her with a severe burn injury. She found herself facing the public’s reactions to her facial and body difference with constant stares and startled glances, intrusive questions and rude remarks. Her trauma began a life-long mission to develop skills to empower burn survivors and anyone with a facial difference to live successfully. In an age when the disabled and facially disfigured were shunned by societal norms, her advocacy paved the way for kids and adults to find their path back to life. Chasing My Dreams is the inspirational memoir of a gracious and beloved woman who quietly, but purposefully fought for those who needed to find their own voice.

Refusing to be a victim, her love of teaching, and unstoppable spirit would later help Quayle become a Patient of Courage recipient from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. The program honors plastic surgery patients who are optimistic and positively affect those around them. This wasn’t the first time Quayle was awarded for her tenacity. In 2000, Quayle was awarded the Curtis P. Artz Distinguished Service Award by the American Burn Association. This is the height of recognition by the burn community.

Barbara is also active in numerous local community groups and St Vianney Catholic church.

To become a member of 100 Women Who Care Sedona-Verde Valley Chapter, please email 100wwcsvv@gmail.com

Buy Barbara’s book Chasing My Dreams from traumatic burns to triumphant survival on Amazon.

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