Jan 13, 2023: Hot News of the Week! Will Justice be served? Is the Tide Turning!

Brian Sussman discusses the Hot News of the Week, and there are lots of burning issues to cover! With a new Congress, an awakened population, can we finally see Justice served. Can we turn the tide?

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Brian discusses What does Authentic Justice Looks Like in his recent blog on BrianSussman.com. “Advocates of social justice seek to use the laws of the land to oppress certain members of society.”

Judging others based on net worth, status, race, color, creed or family history is acceptable.  Reverse discrimination is acceptable. Intolerance towards Christians is unobjectionable

“Activists use the public education system to further their long term agenda. Politicians and facets of government are used to deliver prescriptions for intervention, aid, and even punishment. Big Tech media conglomerates have become willing gatekeepers who maintain the societal message.” said Brian.

Social justice uses gender, race, religion, values, lifestyle, and more decided by a woke mob. The opposition is never given consideration, their facts are erased, ignored and “missing” in th left’s social justice evidence. We the People know tyranny & corruption when we see it.

“God’s justice is better represented by the impartial, blind-folded, Lady Justice, who carries her scale of fairness in one hand, and her sword of authority in the other.” This is the way forward!


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