FEB 4th Show: Election Reform with Steve Zipperman, AZ LD1 Senate Candidate

Brian Sussman’s guest this week is Steve Zipperman, AZ LD1 Senate Candidate on the most important topic for saving our Republic; Election Integrity and Reform!

The 2022 Arizona Legislation Session began this month with the Senate addressing Election Reform. Steve will update us on the process and successes being achieved by the GOP so far.

After the historic full forensic audit of Maricopa County’s 2020 election, GOP State Legislators are leading the charge to fix the vulnerabilities and strengthen election laws in Arizona.

The Arizona Senate Government Committee just passed the first round of critical election reform, including legislation to make ballot images public records available to voters and to require that counties use ballot paper to include 19 specified fraud countermeasures.

More about Steve from his LD1 Candidate website VoteZipperman.com:

I honorably served our country and took an Oath to God that I would support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic – and I still hold to the values outlined in that Oath today. I am a proud conservative patriot to our country. While stationed at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, I utilized my medical training to improve and comfort the lives of our wounded warriors and their families.

I obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Zoology/Chemistry (Pre-Med), and a Masters Degree in Business Administration from California State University Long Beach. I went on to put myself through Law School at Southwestern University School of Law, where a research paper that I wrote was published in the UCLA Journal of Environmental Law and Policy. Upon graduation, I passed the California Bar Exam on my first attempt.

I obtained my Real Estate Broker’s license in 1983, and owned and operated a Century 21 office in Fountain Valley, California for several years. I’ve negotiated thousands of transactions and legal cases over the years, a skill that translates into getting legislation passed! For over 25 years, I volunteered my time to the Realty Investment Association of California (RIAOC), giving weekly legal updates to commercial & investment Real Estate Brokers about timely matters of interest. In addition, I taught 90 units of broker licensing courses while serving as an Adjunct Professor at both Rancho Santiago and Saddleback Colleges.

As a young attorney, I worked at both small and large law firms in the fields of Environmental Law, Medical Malpractice, and Real Estate. For 28 years, I owned and operated a law firm where I negotiated the resolution of hundreds of cases, and gained invaluable experience in all aspects of real estate and business law.  In addition, I had many business owners who frequently consulted with me to resolve their business problems. I also volunteered as a Los Angeles Municipal Court and Superior Court Judge Pro Tem, as well as a Mediator and Arbitrator for the Orange County Bar Association.

I served as a member of the Board of Directors, Treasurer, and ultimately President of a Homeowner’s Association with over 5,000 homeowners and an $8.5 million annual budget. My wife, Sharon, and I have volunteered our time teaching ‘Constitution 101’, based on Hillsdale’s College Curriculum, to hundreds of citizens within the community. In addition, I proudly served as First Vice Chair to the Republican Party of Yavapai County throughout 2021.

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