Feb 3 2024 Show: Rep. Eli Crane Talks Border and Olivia Escobedo Explains Why the Abortion Amendment GOES TOO FAR!

Tune in Saturday Feburary 3 at 7AM-8AM on KAZM Mellow Mountain 106.5 fm/780 am to catch our latest jam-packed show!

Brian Sussman first talks with our favorite Congressman, Eli Crane, to get an update on the border, Operation Lone Star, and the legislative steps being taken to fix the mess created by Biden’s team.

And in the second half of he show, Brian talks with Olivia Escobedo about the dangers to women in the Dem’s abortion amendment campaign. It Goes Too Far!

About U.S. Congressman Eli Crane
Visit Rep. Eli Crane’s website for details on how to connect with him. If you haven’t already, sign up for his newsletter “One in the Chamber”, call his Prescott and DC offices, email him and follow him on Twitter and Facebook. If you live in AZ CD2 you can sign his petition to get Eli on the ballot for 2024 here.

Born and raised in Arizona, Eli Crane has the privilege of serving as the U.S. Representative for Arizona’s Second Congressional District.

A week after the September 11th attacks, Rep. Crane left college during his senior year at the University of Arizona to enlist in the U.S. Navy. During his 13 years in military service, he participated in five wartime deployments – serving three with SEAL Team 3.

In 2012, Rep. Crane and his wife Jen co-founded a veteran-owned and operated small business that manufactures bottle openers made from shell casings. A venture that started in their garage, the business eventually grew to employ dozens and led to a successfully negotiated deal that was televised nationally. They sold the company in 2022.

Eli and Jen live in Arizona with their two daughters, Makenzie and Kennedy.

About Olivia Escobedo

Olivia Escobedo is the next generation of conservative fighters. She is currently the Political Director for the just launched “It Goes Too Far” campaign to defeat the 2024 abortion amendment in Arizona. An alumna of Arizona Christian University, Olivia has been working in politics for nearly a decade, dedicating her life to fighting for Arizona families. She has worked on national and state campaigns and in nearly every facet of politics—including political consulting, fundraising, and get out the vote efforts. As a political commentator, she hosted Western Journal Live and interviewed leading conservative figures.