Feb 25 Show: Christina Colbri, Educator, World History Expert, and Freedom Activist on the American Education System

Brian talks with Sedona resident Christina Cytrynowicz Colbri, Educator, World History Expert, and Freedom Activist on her uniquely qualified views on the American Education System and what the Progressive-wing are doing to control curriculums with dark money. This topic is a significant concern for parents and the future of our Republic if our children are not being taught the truth.

As the daughter of a prominent businessman in the Dominican Republic Christina was educated in the American Embassy School System for children of American citizens living overseas. Her own education was during a time of consistent leftist revolts that was synonymous with regime changes in the seventies. Her parents ran businesses in America and South America, where she was exposed to runaway Nazis, surviving Jews and political dissidents escaping tyranny. They were her classmates and friends.

Upon returning to the United States she saw the consistent agenda of the far left being instituted in the American education system. This included a lack of truthful teachings of world history. That knowledge led Christina to become an Educator, with a speciality in World History. She became a school teacher in Miami-Dade County, FL in the late eighties and nineties. Her students were predominantly 1st and second generation Cubans, South Americans along with many from other parts of the US coupled with local Floridians. These experiences have given her insights into a political landscape that span a global perspective.

Christina also has a Master’s degree in Nutrition as well as having a Second Dan Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do.  She speaks English and Spanish, as well as strong command of German language.

Currently Christina is devoting her time inspiring and uniting peoples of all backgrounds and beliefs toward a more loving unified Conservative consciousness that stems from strong traditional moral values. 

She can be found at a wide variety of public speaking events, retreats and forums.  Christina is speaking at the Freedom Wave Symposium in Sedona featuring Sheriff Mack this Saturday Feb 26, 10AM- 3PM at the Ultimate Light Mission. You can learn more about the event at UltimateLightMission.com

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