Feb 24, 2023: Sedona businessman Shlomo Danieli discusses the current conflict between Israel and the Palestinian/Arab world.

Brian Sussman interviews Shlomo Danieli, Sedona entrepreneur/businessman and member of Israeli American Council about the core of the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian / Arab fanatic world from the point of view of an Israeli eyes. They also discuss how the conflict in Israel between the radical left and the conservative right is playing out in America as well.

Don’t mis this informed and insightful discussion!


Shlomo Danieli, Owner & Operator Shlomo Danieli Inc., was born in Tel-Aviv. He is a graduate from Agricultural school and served in the Israeli air force. Shlomo graduated in 1971 from Hebrew-U in Rehovot Agricultural department and went to work for Carmel/Agrexco in Israel and Germany for 11 years. During the reserve service he was a student and served two wars (the 6 day and Yom Kipur) in the front line in a tanks battalion. He is a Regional Council Member of the Arizona chapter of Israeli American Council.

Shlomo came to the USA in 1981 to see what the “free market” can offer, and started to import fresh cut flowers from all over the world to the floral trade. He then sold the business in 1994. Shlomo retired and studied history at Spertus university / Chicago for 1 ½ year. During that time he developed the DA-SH board, a color catalog tool. In 1996 after retirement was too much for his temperament, he entered back into the work-force and started to import Israeli flowers to the USA and also built a fresh cut flower farm in Wisconsin. Both are his main businesses today.

In March of 2018, he sold Blooming of Beloit, and moved to Sedona, Arizona. He continues to operate his international flower import company, Shlomo Danieli Inc., from an office in West

Sedona. Shlomo is happy to share that he thoroughly enjoys life in Sedona—exploring, hiking and taking pictures of the expansive and beautiful landscape. He enjoys spending time with his wife, Claudia, new and old friends alike and keeping up with his three adult children as they build successful family lives and careers themselves.

Shlomo has devoted more than half a century of his life to innovative enterprises in the floriculture industry. He is intimately familiar with every aspect of the business including growing, education and marketing.

You can contact Shlomo at:

Shlomo Danieli, Inc.

2710 State Route 89A

Sedona AZ 86336



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