Feb 18 Show: Steve Gesell, Cottonwood Police Chief and LD1 House Candidate about standing up to cancel culture.

Brian talks with Steve Gesell, Chief of Police, Cottonwood and LD1 House Candidate about his inspiring story of standing up to cancel culture.

Integrity, accountability and transparency have always remained paramount in organizations Steve has led.  He has a well-established record of principled and fearless leadership over a fulfilling law enforcement career spanning over thirty years.  He’s held positions running the gamut of American policing such as an undercover detective assigned to the DEA to later overseeing teams combatting organized crime, SWAT team commander and division commander. 

Steve has served the last 15 years as a senior manager or chief executive.  As a police chief for two dramatically different municipalities, Steve has been highly successful in establishing community trust and forming partnerships to address complex quality of life issues, often overcoming challenging political environments. Steve has an inspiring story of standing up to cancel culture.

A proud 30-year resident of Arizona and graduate of both ASU and NAU, Steve has lived and served communities of all sizes.  Steve, his wife Nesa, and their three kids have been blessed to have found  their forever home in beautiful Yavapai County where they have resided for the past six years.

To contact Chief Gesell or learn more about the campaign, visit www.stevegforaz.com or via Facebook at www.facebook/stevegforaz.

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