June 15 Show: Brian Sussman lays out the case for Climate Cult; Exposing and Defeating Their War on Life, Liberty & Property

Tune in Saturday June 15 at 7AM-8AM on KAZM Mellow Mountain 106.5 fm / 780 am.

This is a replay: Brian Sussman lays out an indisputable case based on science, facts and truth in his new book Climate Cult; Exposing and Defeating Their War on Life Liberty and Property.

More and more people are seeing that climate activists are really about social justice, redistribution and control, and NOT about saving the planet. We also talk about how this misleading agenda impacts current news across the nation.

Brian Sussman’s third book, Climate Cult: Exposing and DefeatingTheir War on Life, Liberty, and Property is available for Pre-Orders at Amazon. Get yours now by clicking here!

Brian Sussman, Husband, Dad, Patriot, Hall of Fame Broadcaster, Certified Meteorologist, veteran Bay Area Media Personality, International Bestselling Author, Podcaster, and follower of “the Great I AM” is on-air live in Sedona, AZ at Mellow Mountain KAZM 780am/106.fm. Sussman can also be found on 560 KSFO in the Bay Area, Brian’s radio stomping grounds with the “News and Views You Won’t Hear Anywhere Else.” Brian’s take is unique because he doesn’t follow the mainstream media or government hard line…he uses common sense and logic to bring a right-thinking perspective to the issues and stories that matter to real people.  Stay engaged, be entertained, and feel heard by being a part of Brian Sussman’s radio family.

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