Michael O'Sedona

One of Sedona’s most interesting people (and that says a lot in Sedona), and most knowledgeable UFO Tour Guide is Michael O’Sedona.


Michael joins Brian this New Years Eve to discuss his unique experiences, and the truth and myths about UFOs.

Sedona is famous for its dramatic red rock formations, being a Dark Sky Community, and Vortex vibrations that permeate the rural lands. It is not a surprise that it is also a hotspot for UFO hunters, where the dark open skies make great viewing for the stars, satellites, and spacecrafts – alien or terrestrial.

Michael is the founder of the This tour is different from all the others because he:

     1. is first and foremost a scientist (electrical and mechanical engineer who worked on government satellites and missile projects)   

 2. is a pilot, physicist, and inventor   

 3. is a first-hand contactee (read his story)

Other UFO tours in Sedona are known for the “woo-woo” type approach, as in: “Come on, Space Brothers, we’re here for you!” or “See those lights? Those are ships landing n a nearby mountain.” Fact is, 99.3% of the spacecraft we see that aren’t satellites, they are Secret Space Program craft flown by humans, taking off and landing right here on Earth. Didn’t know the U.S. has 20 trillion dollars in spacecraft up there? There is a lot more to learn about our space program such as Solar Warden, Operation Indigo Skyfold, HAARP, laser weapons to deter OTHER ships, and more!

At sundown, Michael’s tour participants caravan 3 miles to a parking area with a well-known dark sky viewing spot. 3rd-Gen night vision goggles are distributed to see what can’t be seen with the naked eye. Satellites, airplanes and UFOs are seen every night. Tourists and locals can book a spot on one of his night tours by clicking

Michael’s book “Wake Up and Do Something has many details of his first-hand encounter with 8-foot beings in the Summer of 2001 in Phoenix. His experience on missile and satellite systems, software development, and exotic energy research provide the solid foundation of understanding as to the technologies being used in the Space Program, and his twelve-minute download from ET delivered much more data than can be covered in 100 UFO Tours.

Don’t miss one of Michael’s innovations – Element 115, the world’s first rock band with an ET Drummer! They even headlined at UFO Fest at Roswell, NM. Check out their full CD.

Element 115 Band, Sedona, 2021

Michael will be a speaker and tour guide for Night Watches at the UFO MEGA Conference in Las Vegas March 19 -27, 2022. Visit for more information.

If you have any special questions for Michael about UFOs, you can email them before the show to

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