Dec 30 Show: Security Expert John Mitchell talks about Preparing for 2024

Tune in Saturday Dec 30 at 7AM-8AM on KAZM Mellow Mountain 106.5 fm/780 am to catch our latest show!

Brian Sussman talks with John Mitchell, one of the hardest working citizen leaders in the Verde Valley. John’s passion is helping others assess, prepare and train for self-defense, home-defense, tactical security, and business security. While running his security business, he also takes time to lead grassroots efforts to root out local corruption, support women and children’s causes, and is a active member of his Church.

Johns’s extensive background in numerous Federal Government agencies, US Navy, and Yavapai County Juvenile Probation and Sheriff’s Office makes him the ideal person to offer advise for 2024. You can contact John Mitchell at or by phone 928-301-3170.


John Mitchell is the Managing Partner of U.S. Applied Divergent Services, operating in Cottonwood, and offering services throughout northern Arizona. USADS offers security assessments, consulting, and training for both individuals, families, and businesses for the purposes of self-defense, home-defense, tactical security, and business security.

Prior to starting this service business partnership in 2019, John had a long and successful 37 year career with the US Federal Government, beginning with a 4 year US Navy tour, actively serving in various parts of the world, including 12 months in Vietnam. After his Service commitment, he began working primarily for the US Postal Service, but sometimes working for and assisting other Agencies, attaining some very diversified positions and experiences relative to security and management, then ultimately retiring from the USPS organization in late 2007. 

While finishing his Federal career, John began to see needs for service in political activism in the late 1980s. Disturbed by seeing malfeasance in Local, State, and National Offices, he first ran for a Local Council Seat in Iowa, running his own campaign, and being elected in 1990 to a vacant seat. Within the course of 3 years, he and a few other conservatives were able to correct the problems of corruption in that City. He has since been active in Local, County, State, and National Political efforts.   

After retiring and still having a heart for active public service, in 2009 John sought and completed law-enforcement training, working for both Yavapai CountyJuvenile Probation and Sheriff’s Office for a total of almost 13 years collectively among both Departments. Having learned and practiced various Martial Arts for several decades prior to entering law-enforcement particularly suited him for his required duties. He further learned and practiced both youth and adult services; remediation, enforcement, and various training functions within both Departments, including psychological, security matters, defensive tactics, and functional tactical training practices. 

All of these varied endeavors and positions has suited him to be a very worthy adviser and trainer in almost any security matter, whether it be personal, family, collective, or corporate. 

You can contact John Mitchell at or by phone 928-301-3170.