DEC 24 Show: Michael Kollwitz discusses & demonstrates the unique sounds of the Chapman Stick

Brian Sussman’ Christmas Eve Guest is Michael Kollwitz, a pioneer player of the best American instrument you’ve never heard of – The Chapman Stick®.  

Capable of heartfelt and astounding expressiveness and simultaneous multi-part arrangements, “The Stick” combines elements of guitar, bass, keyboards, and percussion; all into a single instrument that is played with both hands lightly tapping the strings.

The technique used to play The Stick is much more like a piano than a guitar, and it yields a full, rich sound all it’s own that is unlike any other instrument. 

Residents of Verde Valley are lucky because award-winning Billboard artist Michael Kollwitz is a Sedona resident and has been performing local, live concerts on the Chapman Stick to celebrate the worldwide release of two new albums, ‘Calm Waters’ and ‘The Friendly Snowman’.

Seeing Kollwitz once perform on Maui, Carlos Santana was visibly impressed and described his music as “a gift of the heart” and said that it made him feel good the moment he heard it.

Brian and Michael will discuss the origins of this innovative instrument, the wide array of music genes that can be adapted to the Chapman Stick from Stairway to Heaven to O Little Town of Bethlehem and hear the beautiful sounds of Christmas on this day.

You can purchase Michael Kollwitz’ new albums or any of his extensive musical portfolio here.

or visit his website for more information.

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