Brian Sussman’s guest this week is Pamela Barton, Founder and Executive Director of Home for New Beginnings in Cottonwood.

Home For New Beginnings (H4NB) is a non-profit that works to provide at-risk children in Verde Valley a loving, safe home when separated from their parents. With Christmas around the corner, this is a critical charity organization to support.

H4NB works to establish long-term relationships with stable parental figures to prepare them for a successful life into adulthood.

Our organization serves youth ages 6-17 in the Verde Valley who find themselves homeless and without a place. Regardless of the reason that put them in the situation, they deserve a home to break the cycle of poverty they may live in.

According to Foster Focus Magazine‘s article on Foster Care and Homelessness recent statistics include :

• Approximately 400,000 youth are currently in foster care in the United States. Approximately 20,000 of those youth age-out each year without positive familial supports or any family connection at all

.• Within 18 months of emancipation 40-50% of foster youth become homeless.

• Nationally, 50% of the homeless population spent time in foster care.

• A history of foster care correlates with becoming homeless at an earlier age and remaining homeless for a longer period of time.• 65% of youth leaving foster care need immediate housing upon discharge.

• The National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty estimates that 5,000 unaccompanied youth die each year as a result of assault, illness, or suicide.”

Home for New Beginnings Also Operates a SOCIAL ENTERPRISE: DIVINE PIES

Divine Pies is in partnership with Northern Arizona University’s  AmeriCorps VISTA Program, helping to build a better community by alleviating poverty with capacity building.  We thank United Way for their initial grant assisting us to achieve our goal!

Find Divine Pies

Order your deliciously divine pie either by Calling 928-248-3434, Email at, or fill out the form below with your pie choice, phone number and your preffered delivery time. We will return with a call to confirm.

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To donate, volunteer or more information please visit their website:

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