Aug 12 Show: FBI & DOJ Tyranny

Brian Sussman covers the shocking FBI raid on Donald Trump’s Mar A Largo home. We learn it was ordered by the Biden DOJ. We discuss the incredible overreach and weaponization of the DOJ and FBI to harm political enemies.

Brian also covers the job description of the new 87,000 IRS agents that the Biden Administration will be hiring. That is enough enough IRS agents to fill football stadium. The disturbing part of the job description includes being able to carry a gun and willing to use “deadly force”. They won’t allow teachers to carry a gun to protect children in schools, but they will give a gun to the IRS over financial paperwork violations.

Woke Hollywood actress, Nancy Lee Grahm, known for her role on General Hospital published this crass and tasteless tweet that set the internet on fire.

No wonder 74 million Americans are ticked off right now.

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