Aug 11: @DebateMeAlGore and Grand Canyon Land Grab!

Brian Sussman

Brian Sussman’s 2016 Twitter Feed – @DebateMeAlGore – has been reactivated! Follow it NOW! Brian has been a a champion and voice of authority on the bogus claims made by the Green Agenda for years, and is still waiting for Al Gore to debate him on the facts.

Don’t miss this video of Truth Seeker Brian Sussman and his followers confronting Al Gore at a speech in 2010. Even now, 13 years later, they won’t or can’t admit they were and ARE wrong.

Did Joe Biden really grab a million acres of public land near the Grand Canyon, without Congressional approval, and put it under Fed control? AZ Congressman Eli Crane and Paul Gosar responded to this overreach and restrictions put on the good people of Arizona.

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