April 6 Show: Let the People Vote on the Homeless Car Park in Sedona with Dr. William Noonan

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Brian Sussman talks with Dr. Bill Noonan, who filed a Referendum Petition to let the Residents of Sedona vote whether the City Council should create a 2-year temporary Homeless Car Park at Cultural Park.

The deadline is April 11 to acquire enough signatures to get this on the ballot. See SedonaVotes.com for details.

For a deeper dive on why this is important, please see Dr. Noonan’s Guest Perspective published in the Red Rock News April 3.

Sedona Residents across all political spectrum are United that the City of Sedona can do better for our homeless workers than make them sleep in their cars. Sedona is a caring and spiritual community. The city’s proposal to house workers in their cars is inhumane and unenforceable. Residents expect their City elected officials and staff to do better than this and stop promoting Sedona as “safe place to park” for the homeless. Residents already are seeing more homeless in our town. The City must explore and consider with open mind the many better, alternative options to help these workers get a roof over their head.

About Bill Noonan
William Noonan is a retired physician and attorney who practiced biomedical patent law for many years in Portland, Oregon, before he moved to Sedona.