Nov 24 Show: Is “Earth Day” based on Truth or Propoganda?

Replay from April 2023 – Brian Sussman educates listeners on the first Earth Day created in 1970 and the truth behind this holiday. Our beautiful planet has lots to celebrate but freedom-loving, critical thinkers need to understand the difference between truth and propoganda.

Brian’s newest podcast series is entitled, “Skyjacked.”

It explains how the climate change agenda is actually being used as an effective tool to bring forth a new world order, complete with a new economy, a new social morality, social justice and equity, AI and weather modification–all while allowing the rich and powerful to become more rich and powerful and the rest of us to rot in stack-and-pack housing.

You find Brian Sussman’s entire “Skyjacked” Podcast series on Spotify, SoundCloud and Brian’s website

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